Company Profile

Studio Lanteri Associazione Professionale” is a professional services firm composed of CPA’s, attorneys, and HR specialists. Thus, the firm relies on a diversified group of specialists who work as a team to provide our clients the best results.

The firm was established in 1950 by its founder, Giovanni Lanteri, CPA. He was a true pioneer in his field.

Studio Lanteri, initially situated in Sanremo, opened new offices in Milan in 2002. In 2005, the firm set up operations in Rome, in association with a renowned professional-services firm already established in the nation’s capital.

Over the years, Studio Lanteri has grown its expertise and professional network in the fields of economics, finance, and law – both in Italy and abroad. This growth has allowed the firm to provide its clients unparalleled service. On the one hand, Studio Lanteri offers a multidisciplinary approach, in terms of the professional qualifications a specific issue requires; on the other hand, the firm maintains a global perspective, as far as the actual geographic area of interest is concerned.

In terms of our multi-disciplinary approach, it is important to note that Studio Lanteri works on behalf of an extremely diversified clientele. The firm’s clients are often leading international companies in their respective fields. These include corporate groups whose parent companies are traded on official stock exchanges. That said, the firm provides as efficient and effective professional services and support to small businesses and startups, as well as to individuals.

To that end, Studio Lanteri relies on a related corporate entity – I.A.S. S.r.l. – whose shareholders are shareholders of Studio Lanteri as well. I.A.S. S.r.l. provides adminsitrative and accounting services to small and medium businesses and startups.

In terms of our global outlook, we should note that – thanks to our far-reaching network of international law and accounting firms – Studio Lanteri provides services not only to those clients whose operations are in the Italian market, but also to clients in other countries, with a special focus on France, Germany, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, the U.S., and Japan.

To facilitate those international operations, Studio Lanteri joined the International Fiscal Association (IFA) in 1987, and in 1999 the firm became a member of the professional network called “ACPA International,” which later was incorporated into “Jeffreys Henry International,” headquartered in the U.S.